Florida State University: Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

EDH 5051: Higher Education in America (Instructor of Record, Fall 2022)

Master’s students understand variations among institutions and their different missions and goals; survey the context of student life; develop knowledge of governance structures, management, and funding of colleges and universities; examine the nature of academic life and faculty; and begin to develop an awareness of the social, political, and economic trends in higher education.

EDH 6635: Organization and Governance of Higher Education (Instructor of Record, Fall 2022)

Ed.D. students examine the organizational structure and culture of higher education and the functional attributes of administrative roles, processes of decision making, and models of governance and policy-making internal and external to colleges and universities.

EDH 6401: Public Policy in Higher Education (Instructor of Record, Spring 2023)

In this Ph.D.-level class, students learn to describe major policy issues and trends in higher education, understand the complexity of the higher education policy making process, articulate the influence of federal and state governments on students and higher education institutions, assess the impact of public policies in higher education, and effectively communicate policy results to the intended audiences.

Northern Arizona University: Community College/Higher Education Program

CCHE 687: Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability (Instructor of Record, Spring 2022)

Master’s students become familiar with the processes and methods that higher education uses to document
institutional effectiveness and assess student learning, with a particular focus on the accountability and assessment movement.

University of California, Los Angeles: Higher Education and Organizational Change

ED 299C: Research Practicum in Education (Teaching Assistant, Spring 2020)

Ph.D. students complete quantitative or qualitative data collection, analysis, and interpretation related to an independent research project in this course, as the final course in a year-long series (A, B, and C).

ED 209C: Research and Evaluation in Higher Education (Teaching Assistant, Winter 2020)

Master’s and Ph.D. students acquire a conceptual and practical understanding of research and evaluation in higher education, focusing on quantitative research design, survey data collection, and regression-based analysis.

ED 221: Computer Analysis of Empirical Data (Teaching Assistant, Spring 2019)

Master’s and Ph.D. students develop an understanding of basic descriptive statistics and regression-based models in designing an original quantitative research study using data from the Higher Education Research Institute and Cooperative Institutional Research Program.

ED 412: Why Research Matters to Student Affairs Practice (Teaching Assistant, Summer 2018)

Master’s students in the Student Affairs program ascertain a foundational understanding of how researchers study the impact of college on students, as well as how quantitative and qualitative research can be used to improve student affairs practice.

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